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Micronized to Maximize

MICRONA micronized calcium and gypsum delivers predictable,
repeatable results to maximize yields and improve crop quality.


Micronized Particle Size

When using lime and gypsum as management tools in your agronomic program it is important to get 100% efficiency out of your investment. The most effective way to ensure this is to source micronized materials. Research has shown that it is required to grind these minerals to 200 mesh minus to guarantee completeness of reaction in an agronomically appropriate time period. All MICRONA™ liming materials are micronized to at least a 200 mesh minus guarantee.


High Efficiency Mineral

MICRONA™ products are produced to high efficiency standards.  No longer do growers have to wait for chemical weathering of liming materials.  pH change and  calcium increases from MICRONA applications happen in an agronomically appropriate time frame, with predictable, repeatable release rates. Growers can expect a benefit from 100% of the applied mineral, which is a dramatic improvement over traditional materials.


pH & Calcium Management

With modern manufacturing technology available to agricultural producers there are more efficient products available to manage pH on the farm. Application rates can be tailored to crop and soil requirements on an annual basis. MICRONA™ prilled and liquid materials provide ease of handling and improved ROI for the producer.


Calcium Nutrition

In many soils and cropping systems, calcium needs to be supplemented to improve economic return for the grower. To achieve a nutritional response from calcite lime or gypsum it is of critical importance that they be milled as finely as possible. Sourcing a micronized material delivers a predictable release rate that allows for measurable increases in calcium to the harvestable portion of the crop, resulting in increased net return to the grower. MICRONA™ agricultural products are micronized to maximize, composed of the highest quality calcium minerals available.

Application Options

MICRONA Agriculture offers prilled, liquid, and fine
powder minerals that deliver predictable and repeatable results to
maximize yields and improve crop quality.



Why Prill?

  • Low dust
  • Blendable
  • Maintenance application
  • VRT
  • No specialized equipment needed



Why Liquid?

  • Fast calcium nutrition
  • In season increase
  • Most economical Ca nutrition
  • For water run systems
  • Ease of application

Fine Powder


Why Powder?

  • Micronized to Maximize
  • High mineral efficiency
  • Traditional application at lower rates
  • Proven pH longevity
  • Easy Storage

Seasonal Applications

Our micronized products are efficient and easy to use
which provide season long options to fit your operation.



MICRONA™ lime and gypsum products can be used anytime the soil is dry enough to drive a piece of iron across the field.

Compared to a traditional pH and calcium management program, MICRONA products work fast showing 100% mineral efficiency. This provides predictable pH increases and calcium nutrition and therefore makes pre-plant application, seed bed preparation and emergency treatment of actively growing crops possible in spring.

Ask your crop advisor for spring application detail.



MICRONA™ lime and gypsum products can be applied throughout the year including summer.

In between cuttings of grass hay and alfalfa, after winter and early spring planted crops are harvested, after grazing and as soil treatment to prepare for summer plantings are good times to apply MICRONA products. Consider MICRONA when planting and seeding fall harvested vegetables and cover crops, green chop, silage, and other fodder. This is the time to check and increase pH in fish ponds and for shore shellfish production.

Ask your crop advisor for summer application detail.



After harvest, before seeding of cover or winter crops, is a good time to assess and review complete fields or management zones.  Water infiltration and drainage limit crop production. Focusing on zone management includes managing soil tilth. MICRONA™ lime and gypsum products impact chemical reactions in soils. This improves soil structure, optimizes nutrient uptake and mineral efficiency, and benefits soil microbes and micro flora.

Application of lime and gypsum is most efficient through an annual maintenance program to guarantee sufficient levels of calcium and sulfur, and pH stability.  When blended with fertilizers, you get a free ride and save cost, either spread broad cast or with variable rate technology. Ask your crop advisor for fall application detail.



MICRONA™ micronized lime products are used anytime the soil is dry enough to work, throughout the year.

December through February are perfect times to apply MICRONA prilled lime and gypsum in all fruit orchards, for example apple and cherries, over stubble, winter crops, in seed bed preparations, legume and oil seed maintenance liming, for vineyard and hops.  Forests can be worked on now.  Add lime and gypsum to composts, trees, turf and home garden lawns.

Ask your crop advisor for winter application detail.