What is Gypsum?

MICRONA™ gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral, chemically named, calcium sulfate dihydrate.  It is extremely finely ground, or “micronized” allowing the gypsum to be available immediately upon application, unlike a coarser product where the grower gets poor mineral efficiency.

Gypsum, when applied to soils, provides calcium and plant food sulfur. Unlike lime, gypsum does not change the soil pH, it’s a valuable calcium amendment in soils with neutral and higher pH. Also, gypsum can improve soil structure through improved soil flocculation, which reduces crusting.  High Mg or Na soils become hard and difficult to work.  Water infiltration and nutrient mobility can be significantly reduced in high magnesium or sodic soil.  MICRONA™ Prill – Gypsum stabilizes soil structure through flocculation which increases water and air infiltration.