What is Lime?

MICRONA™ agricultural calcium products are commonly referred to as “lime” or “agricultural lime”.  Our MICRONA lime products are made from natural, high quality, ground limestone. MICRONA is different because it is micronized, which means it is extremely finely ground. When applied to acidic or low pH soil, the carbonates in our micronized lime react within the soil fast. It reduces soil acids, much like stomach antacids reduce the acid in a person’s stomach.  Most crops are less productive in acid soils.  But, in slightly acid to neutral pH soil  (a pH range of 6.2 – 7.0), yields are higher for many reasons including:  increased uptake and mineralization of nutrients, soil structure improvements, improved seed germination, reduction of soil borne diseases and plant disorders, and increased fruit storability.

We know liming to be an age old farming practice for acidic soils. Today’s agriculture depends on highly productive soils, but pH is continually reduced by the acidifying effects of fertilization and high levels of crop removal. Lower pH in soils reduces return on investment. This is reversed using MICRONA micronized lime.